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Dog Training

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My experience in p​et training classes stretches back to 1996 when I was a co-founder of Pennard Dog Training Club which is still in existence today. I like to keep my classes fairly small which enables me to give as much individual attention as time allows.

My training methods are positive based using food reward and play.  I place a lot of emphasis on building a good relationship and bond with your dog. The more the dog is tuned into you, the better the response from him or her to your commands. Above all, I believe in having fun with your dog and being a good and kind guardian to them. 

I have two Working Sheepdogs Bryn and my latest addition is Merlyn.  I also have Gwennie who although looks every inch a sheepdog, she is in fact a cross bearded collie!   I work all of them in Competitive Obedience  and they all three are doing  very well.  Gwennie and I represented Wales in  March 2019 in the Inter Regional Obedience Competition and she was just fabulous!

I offer dog training classes, doggy day care, dog walking, dog boarding in my own home where your dog is treated as part of my family along with my own dogs.  I can also help with behavioral problems and carry out home consultations.  I also offer 1-2-1 training with you and your dog.