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Dog Training

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My experience in pet training classes stretches back to 1996 when I was a co-founder of Pennard Dog Training Club. I like to keep my classes fairly small which enables me to give as much individual attention as time allows.

My training methods are food reward and play and I place a lot of emphasis on building a good relationship and bond with your dog. The more the dog is tuned into you, the better the response from him or her to your commands. Above all, I believe in having fun with your dog whilst retaining your pack leadership role. Dogs need boundaries and limits and it is important that you keep to these consistently to avoid confusing your dog. Confusion equals worry in a dogs' mind and if your dog is worried, you have less chance of getting through to him/her with whatever training methods you use.

I have three Working Sheepdogs father (Gryff) and son (Bryn) and Gwen.   I work Bryn in Competitive Obedience and I worked Gryff too but he is now retired.    Gryff and I have represented Wales at Crufts three times, both in the Inter-Regional Competition and the World Cup Obedience Competition too. I also qualified him for Championship C Class and he won two reserve Tickets.   Bryn is proving to be as clever as his dad and is working C only and we are on our way to the Championship Class too!  Gwen is a work in progress and has yet to enter the ring competitively.  She's naughty but such a clever little girl and I have high hopes for her!